·       Ken Steensma – Executive Director of Help Build Community, guiding implementation of a replicable model for empowering urban residents to self-direct continuously improving personal and neighborhood prosperity, previously a family therapist and small/family business coach, taught social entrepreneurship, management, leadership, and human service courses for area universities, MSW.


·       Douglas Huesdash – Senior Business Development Manager at ACRE AgTech.  Provided guidance and solutions for over 25 years.  Experience as a CPA and founder of three businesses provided insight and experience to help identify client solutions.  Assist other to build networks outside of their industries.  Bring people together to enrich life and business through developing consolidated opportunities.  Participate in organizations that help others build hope and faith in the future.  MBA and CPA.


·       Austin Dean – Owner of Collective Metrics – developed a software system for helping non-profit organizations custom build their collective impact measurement strategies, currently a principle consultant for BBC Entrepreneurial Training & Consulting - a firm that assists small businesses with accessing federal R&D programs, Co-Founder of Failure Lab, early stage investor and go-to-market strategist, MBA.          


·       Ronald Jimmerson – Founder and Executive Director of Seeds of Promise, recipient of Grand Rapids Chamber of Commerce's 2016 Diversity Change Agent award.  Developed Cascade Engineering’s nationally acclaimed and replicated Welfare 2 Career program that has enabled hundreds of families to move from welfare to career based self-dependence.  Provide diversity training to private sector and non-profit organizations.




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